Calculate your Diabetes Risk Score 

Calculate DIabetes Risk score and Learn how to integrate lifestyle reformation with your medication (prescribed by your doctor), define your diet, yoga and mindset strategies, set your milestone/action goals and achieve reduced HBA1C result with in 90 days, without greater effort.  

Over 3000 people have benefitted from our programs.

Hi! I'm Subhavahini Seetharaman...

I am a Holistic Wellness Coach, Founder CEO of Uyirmei Center for Holistic Wellness and Sustainable Lifestyle. Being spiritually grounded personality, I am on the Mission of transforming lives of 1 Million Type2 Diabetic to lead a disease-free life. 1000s of people have benefited by easily adapting our step by step lifestyle modification and reversed Type-2 Diabetes. 

Diabetes Disease-Free

Diabetes is the leading cause of death today. I'm on a mission to transform lifes of Diabetic to lead a Disease-Free life by redefining lifestyle. 

Lifestyle Reformation

With over 10 years of experience in yoga and wellness, I help people transform their health conditions by lifestyle reformation. 

Uyirmei Diabetes Disease-Free Hub

I have founded this community in the year 2018 to help with easily adaptable action steps. 

Uyirmei Diabetes Disease-Free Hub

Over 5 years of experience in Preventing, Managing and Reversing Diabetes Naturally.

Identify Diabetes Risk Score

Get acces to a proven "Intensive Diabetes Risk Score Analysis System" to analyse your risk condition.

Build Lifestyle Protocols

Learn to design your own Strategies comprising of Diet, Exercises, Mind-Game, Relaxation and Stress Management.

Set Goals, Act & Analyse

Learn the format of setting easily adaptable circadian rhythmic Action goals. Review and analyse the milestone. 

Simple Process to Get Started

We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then get started in your journey of Diabetes Reversal.


11 Courses on Diabetes Strategies

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Everything in SILVER +

7 Advanced Courses on Lifestyle Protocols

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This community is built with love! Our focus is to help you get results.

I was able to bring down my HBA1C level from 13.7 to 8.4 in 3 months and 7.2 with in 6 months. More than medical report, my weight is on control. My digestion is improved, over all I mentally stable able to managing stress. I love the Diabetes Disease-Free model. Thanks to Subha mam for consistant support.

Mrs. Devi


I was diabetic for 8 years, I was on huge medication. Still i have started getting symptoms of Diabetic complications. After joining Uyirmei's Program, I had a shift in my health conditions. The yoga model is so intensive ... easy to follow the stress management protocols.. that gave me the transformation...

Kesavan. N


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